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The Gary Bencivenga Weapons Tool Box

September 7, 2008

Gary Bencivenga On The Summary of All Sales In The Universe
1. Opening The Sale
2. Closing The Sale

The Gary Bencivenga Persuasion Equation
Urgent Problem +
Unique Promise +
Unquestionable Proof +
User-Friendly Proposition =

The Gary Bencivenga Proof Elements Checklist
1. Demonstration
2. The Creative Guarantee
3. Reason Why
4. Specifics
5. The Expose
6. Explain The Mechanism
7. Sell Against Type
8. Acknowledge Disbelief
9. Highly Believable Source
10. Testimonials
11. Candor

The Gary Bencivenga New Product Checklist
– Persuasion Equation
– Large / passionate / reachable
– Other hot products in the market
– Good margins
– Repeat business potential
– Ancillary sales potential
– Easily shippable
– Can we get an exclusive?
– can we get powerful built-in proof elements?

On Lists
Source, Offer, Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value, Cycles, Format, Universe, Affinity, Demographics, Usage, Response and Backend / Conversion Rate, Cost … Branding, Benefit/Experience, Format, Categorization, Yardstick lists for launch, Loyalty, Gender …

Gary Bencivenga on The Essence of Desire
Infinite and Never ending, Replaced as soon as filled, Hard to create but easy to amplify, Evolve from quantity to quality [be alert for the next subdivision]

The Gary Bencivenga Desire Checklist (w/ examples)
Recognition …(respect, fame, exclusivity, status, prestige, popularity)
Rejuvenation …(longevity, health, energy, fitness)
Relaxation … (fun, leisure, having the luxury of time do what you want)
Relief … (from share, pain, difficulty of any sort)
Religion … (built in set of belief, use the patron saints of their religion – for marketing use Ogilvy, use the assumptions the market has)
Revenge … (“remember those people who laughed at you and thought you would never make it, well now with our help you can show ‘em”)
Role Performance … (how to be better in your role, the best at what you want to be)
Romance … (travel, stimulation of any kind)

Wealth is an income stream…Repeat sales are the name of the game…Build wealth with royalties…