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The Victor Schwab Toolbox

September 7, 2008

The Two Broad Generalizations: PLUS and MINUSES
+++ Show people – in words, or pictures, or both – what they can save, gain, or accomplish with your product . . . how it will increase this: Their mental, physical, financial, social, emotional, or spiritual stimulation, satisfaction, well-being, or security.
— Show people – in words, or pictures, or both – what risks, worries, losses, mistakes, embarrassment, drudgery, or other undesirable conditions your product will help them to avoid, lessen, or eliminate . . . how it will decrease this: Their fear of poverty, illness or accident, discomfort, boredom, and the loss of business, personal, or social prestige or advancement.

A Checklist To Some of the Advantages That People Want To Gain
-Better Health (greater strength, vigor, endurance, the possibility of longer life)
-More Money (for spending, saving, or giving to others)
-Great Popularity (through a more attractive personality or through personal accomplishments)
-Improved Appearance (beauty, style, better physical build, cleanliness)
-Security In Old Age (independence, provision for age or adversity)
-Praise From Others (for one’s intelligence, knowledge, appearance, or other evidence of superiority)
-More Comfort (ease, luxury, self-indulgence, convenience)
-More Leisure (for travel, hobbies, rest, play, self development, etc)
-Pride Of Accomplishment (overcoming obstacles and competition, desire to “do things well”)
-Business Advancement (better job, success, ‘be your own boss’, reward for merit)
-Social Advancement (moving in better circles, social acceptance, ‘keeping up with the Joneses’)
-Increased Enjoyment (from entertainment, food, drink, and other physical contacts)
People Also Want To…:
Be good parents, Have influence over others, Be social/Hospitable, Be gregarious, Express their personalities, Resist domination by others, Satisfy their curiosity, Be up-to-date, Emulate the admirable, Appreciate beauty, Be proud of their possessions, Be creative, Acquire or collect things, Be efficient, Win others’ affection, Be “first” in things, Improve themselves mentally, Be recognized as authorities
And They Want To Save…:
Money, Time, Work, Discomfort, Worry, Doubts, Risks, Embarrassment, Offense To Others, Boredom, Personal Self-Respect and Prestige

Integrity, saving, rest, self discipline, affection for the old and tried, solidity, self reliance, solitude, simplicity, restraint, wise giving, genuine thought…
The General Trend of Our Times Is Toward a Preference For
Success, spending, restlessness, self indulgence, desire for the new and novel, show, dependence, gregariousness, luxury, ostentation, easy generosity, quick impressions

A Checklist Of Facts Which May Be Presented As Proof
-Specification of Quality (construction facts about material, ingredients, design, details of workmanship, in the product itself)
-Commendations of Users (performance evidence in the form of letters, statements, or records of the experience of the typical actual user)
-Background of Manufacturer (experience of company, reputation, financial standing, research and production facilities, capabilities of executives, workers)
-Official Recognition (won in contests, expositions, laboratory-tests, etc., against competitive products)
-Dramatic Performance (of the product in actual consumer use under exceptionally difficult conditions – such as, for example, in arctic cold or tropic heat)
-Expert Evidence (of analytical and exacting authorities (such as scientists, engineers, physicians, dietitians, etc) who commend, or use, the product)
-“Demonstration” Reasons (of (usually) a scientific or mechanical nature, clearly explaining How and Why product can and will bring advantages claimed)
-Sales Records (showing constantly increasing popularity and consumer demand, facts and figures proving consumer satisfaction)
-Discriminating Outlets (with a reputation for carrying quality merchandise who stock the product and sell it successfully)
-Guarantee (test evidence demonstrating the manufacturer’s willingness to allow the quality of the product to speak for itself)
Construction Evidence, Performance Evidence, Testimony, Test Evidence (i.e. guarantee, free sample)
And To Present Facts…
1. Dramatize your facts 2. Present your facts from the consumer’s point of view 3. Be specific 4. Localize your testimonial material whenever possible 5. Use “performance evidence” when you can 6. Use statements that also RING true (i.e. if truth is unbelievable, understate the truth) 7. If a reduced price is a fact give a good reason for it

A Checklist To Some Ways To Press For Immediate Actions
-Make An Offer (use a “hook”-offer a booklet, sample, free trial, premium, introductory price, miniature model, contest, combination inducement, chart, swatches, or other extra inducement)
-Time Limit (give a time limit on your offer if you can and if such an offer is bona fide)
-Guarantee (if product is guaranteed, stress that this assurance removes cause for delay or inaction)
-Limited Supply (if available supply is limited, or if quick action for better selection is necessary, point this fact out)
-Price Going Up (if price of product is going up, emphasize this fact-giving specific date if possible)
-Price Down (if price of product has been reduced, use that fact to emphasize desirability of taking advantage of it at once)
-Gain Or Loss (stress again what your reader gains by purchasing product immediately-or what he loses daily by not owning it)